As the name suggests, storytelling is the process of telling an engaging story to your target audience

The purpose of telling stories to your audience is that they can relate themself to your stories.

Storytelling is the most important part of marketing, if you can tell good stories to your audience then you can sell anything.

Most people think that in storytelling we just have to tell stories to our audience orally, but that's not completely true.

Storytelling is not just about talking, sometimes, you can tell stories through photos, videos, infographics, etc.

Currently, videos are the best medium of storytelling also video marketing is the latest trend nowadays.

If you learn and use the storytelling well then you can tell your message to your clearly and they will attach or correlate with your stories.

Before telling a good story you must have done enough research about your audience.

Like you can create your target audience persona (their age, gender, pain points, desires, etc.)

And to understand your audience well you must think by putting yourself in your customer or reader's shoes.